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How to open ZIP files


Trouble opening your Zip file? No need to worry. It has happened to all of us at one time or another. Fortunately, this is not a problem without solution, because there are programs and applications for you to learn how to open Zip files. On our website we will explain how to open this type of files in a simple way.

What are Zip files?

They are the type of individual files that have one or more reduced files, also called archives. The purpose of these files is to make it easier to group other files and transport them via e-mail. In addition, they also allow you to download, store data and software faster and more efficiently.

Zip files are the most common compression format for the Windows environment. The WinZip application is the most popular compression application for Windows.

Programs to open Zip files

To learn how to open a Zip file, we will need a fundamental compression tool such as WinZip. The main feature of WinZip is the standard interface that allows us to drag and drop files in order to view, extract and open them.

  1. First you must download WinZip.
  2. Once installed, we can open any type of Zip files from our e-mail.
  3. Also from Windows Explorer, by double clicking on the file or right-clicking on it and choosing the option “unzip or install”. This directly from the Zip file in the WinZip wizard.
  4. From here the program will guide and assist you in the decompression process.

WinRAR is another very efficient wizard to know how to open a Zip file. The first thing to do is to download this program. You must download WinRAR and save it in a folder that has the same name as the program. After that, double click on the executable file wrarxxxes.exe, in the screen that opens; then click on run and then install.

From here, a screen with a series of WinRAR installation options will appear, and we will click on accept. We must take into account that associating directly with allows us to select and open all Zip files automatically, once we decide to open a Zip file. The interface of this wizard makes it easy for us to select the shortcuts we want to create in WinRAR.

To unzip Zip files, we have a few options. After pressing the right click, the one we have to choose is extract files. This option will allow us to choose the folder where the files we are going to decompress will be saved. To continue the process we will click on show and select the folder. Finally we will click on OK.

Another option is “extract here”. This choice decompresses the Zip file in the folder where the original file is located, so we will not have to remember in which folder we have previously saved it.

In this way, we know how to open a Zip file without complications. Remember that on our website we have more useful guides to open those files that are impossible to open. We also have interesting articles related to this topic of compressed files that will be of vital help with the doubts you may have.