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How to open ISO files

Do you need to open an ISO file but don’t know how to do it? Don’t worry, you are in the right place. On this page we are experts on compressed files and how to open them. In addition to teaching you how to open ISO files, it is also essential that you know what they are. We will explain it to you in the next paragraphs…

What is an ISO file?

ISO files are used to store a copy of an exact image of a file. They usually come on a CD or DVD, operating systems, programs, among others. In order to run them you need a program that can open them. Nowadays there are several assistants for this type of files. We will tell you about some of them so that you can learn how to open ISO files.

Programs for opening ISO files

The most common programs for opening ISO files are Winrar, Daemon Tools and UltraISO. To run these files you must have one of these programs installed.

In the case of opening with Winrar we must follow the steps below:

Step 1

The first thing to do is to download and install this program on your computer. Next we must create a folder where we save our ISO files. It is recommended to have it on the desktop. With this wizard and a complete ISO file, we would only need to click on the file and it would open.

Step 2

Once we have the folder on the desktop we right click on the ISO file and choose the option “open with Winrar”.

We enter the Winrar program, there we will mark all the ISO files, and in the options bar that will appear we will choose “extract to”.

After this, it will ask us for the path where we want to extract these files, here we will choose where to save them according to the options that the computer offers us, and the one that better seems to us. Now we can open them by running them or copying the ISO to a CD and DVD.

Opening ISO files with Ultraiso

With Ultraiso the procedure to open ISO files is really simple:

Step 1

After we have downloaded and installed the wizard, we will open the program to use it and we will look for the “file” option in the action bar, once we click on this option, a menu will open that will guide us through the program.

Step 2: Browse for the ISO file we want to open.

We will look for the ISO file that we want to open, we will double click on the ISO file. After that we have to find in the Ultraiso program taskbar, the option “mount to virtual drive”.

We will click on “mount and return”, from there we will go to the icon of the equipment of our computer. And we will see how the program has created a virtual drive that will act as if it were a CD or DVD that we have inserted in the computer, and in this way it is ready to be used.

By using these excellent programs we will learn how to open ISO files. If you liked this tutorial, check out our website. There you will find other similar articles that will surely be very helpful.