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How to Open SWF files

SWF files are common nowadays due to their usefulness to store multimedia content and video games. But, the first problem we sometimes have is when we are about to run this type of files and our computer is not compatible with SWF files. There is no need to worry. In fact, there are auxiliary programs that we can download to our PC and they will assist us in the task of opening files. Today on our website we will talk about these programs, stay and learn how to open SWF files.

What are SWF files?

The SWF format is basically a file capable of compressing digital content such as: multimedia, graphics, video games and even written documents. Nowadays, this type of file is very common since it can be opened directly with the web browser.

Its popularity is also due to the fact that SWF files are becoming more and more frequent on mobile devices, although for this it is necessary to make use of an auxiliary application, since the flash browser is sometimes not compatible with mobile devices.

How to play SWF files on the computer?

In order to play a SWF file we must first unzip it, this can be done with WinRAR or another compatible application. Once unzipped, we open the browser (Google is the most compatible with flash), then we will go to where the file is and open it. Finally, we will drag the SWF file and drop it in the browser window (Google) and in this way the file will play by itself.

How to open SWF files on a Mac?

Mac computers are equipped with the Mac OS system, which is Apple’s own system. It allows you to open SWF files, however we must first have installed a compatible player. The player most compatible with Mac OS is Elmedia Player. This media player not only plays SWF files, but also helps us to download them.

Here are the steps on how to open SWF files on a Mac:

  1. Download Elmedia Player at the following link
  2. We will open the page and request to download the player.
  3. We will run and install the file on the Mac.
  4. After that, right click on the SWF file and choose the option “Play with Elmedia Player”.

And so, in this simple way, we have already learned how to play a SWF file on our Mac.

How to open SWF files on PC?

In addition to using the browser to play this type of files, we can also download flash compatible programs such as Swiff Player. After downloading and installing it, right click on the SWF file we want to open and choose the option “open with Swiff Player”. And the file will start playing, but this time directly in the player window. Swiff Player offers many advantages. The first one is that using it is very easy. Additionally, it is useful if we want to know how to open SWF files.

How to open SWF files on your Android phone

Do you want to know how to open SWF files on your android device? It is normal that Android phones cannot open some files such as SWF files. Fortunately, there are several apps that allow us to open them. First of all, we must choose the SWF Player application and download it. To run the file we will open SWF Player, click on Local files, find the SWF file that we are going to open. The file will open in the application window and we will be able to view it.

In this way we have learned how to open SWF files. If this article has been helpful, do not hesitate to follow our blog.