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How to open XLSX files

If you have to install a certain program every time you want to access and open XLSX files or files in other formats is a bit annoying, we have options for you that are the solution.

You don’t need to have a lot of programs, word processing software or Adobe Reader services.

Although it is true, we all have a great interest in how to open XLSX files without having a specific program installed or appropriate software.

Pay due attention to our article to learn what XLSX files are and which programs are best suited for easy access to our files in a safe way.

The Excel software, developed and distributed by Microsoft Corp, has expanded its versions and therefore its file format has changed, being the “xlsx extension” the most used nowadays.

What is an XLSX file?

It is a Microsoft Excel file format created with the 2007 and later versions of Microsoft Excel. Unlike XLS files, Excel XLSX format files are created using Office’s open XML format.

The .xls format extension used to be the most commonly used. However, the versatility and functionality of the .xlsx format is far surpassing it.

XLSX files are a tool with which we can generate spreadsheets, create charts, perform complex mathematical queries, among other precise functions.

Excel makes an XLSX file more accessible and adaptable.

XLSX files are being used more and more as new versions of Excel are released.

Programs for opening XLSX files

Sometimes we need a tool that allows us to access our files without having to necessarily install software to open them.

Here is a program verified by the web and recommended by many users that will allow you to open .xlsx files when you need them without any problems:

Free File Viewer “Bitberry Software’s Universal XLSX File Viewer”.
Free File Viewer is the perfect tool to open one or even several files with the .xlsx extension.

It will allow you to access multiple types of file formats such as HCBK, NXL, CSV, PDF, DOC, DOCX, DWG, XLS, PSD and of course XLSX. It even makes it easy to read unusual file formats such as DAT, DIZ, CFG and BIN.

Free File Viewer gives you the opportunity to play videos in MP4, MPG, MOV and FLV format, music in WMA, MP3, FLAC and OGG format and animated images as GIF files among other multimedia files.

See how completely perfect this viewer is? It really is an innovative, functional and totally free software.

We’re not done yet. Not without mentioning four program options that can allow you to open, convert, edit and repair XLSX files:

  • Quattro Pro
  • Kingsoft Office
  • Hancom Office Hancell
  • Microsoft Office