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How to Open XML files

As time goes by, technology creates different algorithmic-based languages to execute different functions effectively. This happens so that their structure cannot be copied by others. But in general there is a tendency to diversify so much that eventually you need a language that can at least be understood by everyone. The XML format fulfills that characteristic. And today we will show you how to open an XML file quickly and smoothly.

What is an XML file

XML stands for Extensible Markup Language. In the computer world, markup is synonymous with tagging. In our everyday life we use tags such as weight, years, animals, type, among many others, to categorize items. The XML format takes care of the markup structure in the files.

XML does not work by itself. To give us a better idea of what it does I leave you with this metaphor. When we see a series of colors red, green, blue, we get a mental image of the hue of the color. But if we have an idea of knowing the same colors in English – red, green, blue – we get the mental image again. This is because the brain categorizes the words in whatever language resulting in an image in the same shade.

The XML format is that structure that the brain creates to label colors. This is why it is so useful and versatile. Because it deals with the structures and not the function of it, it can be read by almost all computer languages. This also gives it great organizational capabilities.

This document is used to store data so that it can be read by others. You can make a data system for many applications to use it at the same time, not only on the Internet but also in databases, text editors, among many other programs.

How to open an XML file


We must have at hand the XML file that you want to open. Right click the mouse and look for the “Open with…” tab. There we will get a group of programs that can open it. If we are using Windows 8 or higher we will get a box where it is possible to search for more applications. We will select the program that we will use in this case is the notepad. When it is open we will see something like this.

<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″ ?> indicates that we are in an XML file.

<Libros_Biblioteca> this is the general category with the document we are working with.

<Libros> The sub category.

<Nombre> Moby Dick </Nombre> these are labels.

<Autor> Herman Merville </Autor>

<Seccion> 3B Clasicos </Seccion>


</Libros_Biblioteca> This indicates the closing of the categories.


We look for the document to open. Click the second click on it and click on Open with. And click on Excel. When it opens it will ask us if we want to open it as XML table and we will say yes. And that’s it. Then you can modify it.


We look for the file. We give him to the right click. Click Open with. And click on any browser. It will open as a table but unlike the previous methods it will only be used to view its contents and not to modify them.

With this knowledge you will know how to open an XML file correctly. Finally, there are programs that specifically open these documents such as XML Explorer and many others. Choose the one that best suits your needs.