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How to open BIN files

There are many formats for compressing/recording files. Sometimes, when we download programs or movies and want to run them, we realize that they are in .BIN format. This means that they are compressed for proper implementation. Today we will show you how to open .BIN files.

What is a BIN file

A BIN file is a compressed image on a CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, BLU RAY DISC. It is used to decrease the volume generated by the data inside. This format mostly has executable programs that can be transferred to discs.

There are three types of fundamental extensions that do the same process. ISO is an international standard and the one mostly used in these cases. It is good for the contents and data of the programs inside. The MDS format is used to copy discs in DVD format that have protection. And finally BIN, which is generally and efficiently used to burn an audio CD.

These documents must be executed with dedicated programs, because if we try to do it with notepad, being binary files, it will generate a series of unconnected symbols. Also, if we want to know how to open .BIN files, we must remember that they can be decompressed by other programs, so that instead of burning them to a disc, they are stored in a folder on the hard disk.

How to open .BIN files

With an image recorder

There are many programs that perform this function: UltraIso, NeroBurningRom, CD Burning Xp, Free DVD, CDRWIN, Alcohol 120 %, among many others. In this case, the first thing to do to open .BIN files is to install the one that best suits you. Then run the file by clicking on it. The installed program will open immediately.

Also from the same software we can load the image, looking for it in the folder where it is. Depending on the software used, you can configure certain parameters such as recording speed, number of copies, the external hardware to be used. Once you have everything ready, click on burn and wait for it to finish copying.

With a virtual disk software

In some cases, our interest in learning how to open .BIN files is based on knowing what is inside the document to verify its contents. Virtual disks emulate the hardware of a disk reader to verify or use the data. We must have installed the Daemon Tool or Virtual Clone Driver program, among many others that do this job.

From the software we look for the .BIN file in the folder where we have it to load it and we click on Execute. The way to know that we did this process well is that a virtual disk will appear on the computer, and when we click on it, the data inside the document will appear.

Decompressing them in the hard disk

If we want to move the BIN files to the hard disk, without saving it or saving it in a virtual unit, we can decompress them. There are programs such as Winrar, 7zip, among others that can do it. Once the software is installed, we go to the document, look for the Open with tab and choose the program we will use. When it opens, it will ask us to indicate the place where we want to decompress it and that’s it.